Who Started Music? Check out 7 Important Points
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Who Started Music? Check out 7 Important Points

 Let’s dive into the history of music and let’s discuss Who Started Music and the origins of music and another art form. We can get the trace of music from the ancient early human period to the modern melodies, music has changed a lot and made a remarkable evolution.

Introduction: Who Started Music

Music has a mixture of melodies, harmonies rhythms, etc. These are an integral part of human beings over decades. From the ancient drum beats in all tribal functions and gatherings, those beats have the power to move our souls, This is an example of music that travels more and more and evokes emotion. Music is considered a universal language all over the world and ready to know the origin of this wonderful music.

Who Started Music

Who Started Music: Ancient Echoes

Early humans first used music as a language for communication. In the dawn of humanity, Ancestors used sounds and other gestures as their means of communication, after that only written language was invented and followed by all. Every report shows that the early humans discovered sound like clapping their hands and chanted sound, these shows the power of rhythm. This power is the stepping stone and the first step for recognizing these sounds are a type of music.

Music evolved and flourished based on the emergence of civilizations. First, let’s see the Sumerians, They developed the music which is observed as the first known musical sound around 2000 BCE which is Mesopotamia Period. They used clay tablets for music composition and those tablets helped to create some remarkable melodies at the early stage of music. 

But if we see historically, Mesopotamia is commonly known and comprises of modern-day countries of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. These places are special and made a history for human society development and include many inventions like writing and other plans related to urban modernization and helped to achieve advancements in the agriculture field.

Music is one of the most significant factors in ancient Egypt ceremonies and other activities related to religious cultures and other rituals. Egyptians believe that the haunting melodies of flutes and harps are accompanied by the inner soul and show the connection between their spiritual activities and music.

Musicians used all types of instruments such as Harps, Drums, Lyres, and Flutes on all types of occasions and other rituals. They believe that these harmonious melodies can able to invoke the god’s presence and it can create a sacred atmosphere.

Who Started Music

Greeks symbolized music as one of the art forms. Pythagoras, a well-known mathematician and philosopher explored some relationships in the mathematical field related to musical harmonies, which helped to form the stepping stone foundation of music theory. In Greece, many people still believe that music is considered a way to honor someone and helps to communicate with gods. 

Aoidoi are known as musicians, they can perform hymns and sing songs during some ceremonies related to religion make the presence of deities, and help the people to seek their favor from the gods. Some of the instruments used for hymns and singing songs are the Lyre and aulos which is a double reed instrument.

The Evolution Continues: Middle Ages and Renaissance

Gregorian chants were very famous during the Middle Ages period, those chants were echoed through cathedrals. Monophonic melodies were characterized by the help of meditative and other spiritual nature adding the most important ethical dimension to all other practices.

Plainchants or plain songs are considered the Gregorian chants, which is a form of liturgical music that was developed and formed in the medieval period of the Christian church. These chants are a combination of simple and other unaccompanied songs and these are mostly used in ceremonies.

Josquin des Prez and Palestrina are famous well-known composers of the Renaissance period, and they witnessed a huge surge in music creation. This period showcases the emergence shift from religious themes to other secular expressions.

This Renaissance period was observed during the 14th and 17th centuries, it was the time of awakening the great cultural and intellectual responses in Europe. This period saw the emergence of interest in all the classical arts and other learnings. 

The Modern Era: Who Started Music

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Baroque period was observed and it is the backbone for ornate compositions and other virtuosic fields. Renowned Johann Sebastian Bach demonstrates the depth and other levels in the structure of music. It’s based on intricate and other ornate musical styles

In 1770, Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He was so special from a young age for his musical talent and he started to compose and perform at an early stage. He faced a lot of challenges while growing up, he started losing hearing gradually but his musical talent was not affected because of the hearing loss. Ludwig van Beethoven formed a stage i.e. useful in bridging the gap between classical and other romantic music. Ninth Symphony is one of his famous ones which captured a lot of audiences.

Jazz type of music emerged in the later 19th century which enhances the syncopated rhythms. Some of the well-known artists like Louis Armstrong and Duke Wellington transformed the music styles into the destination level.

Important Characteristics of Jazz are the syncopation which consists of offbeat accents and other unexpected tunes in the musical phrase.

Some Renowned icons like Elvis Presley and the Beatles introduced a new style which is rock “n” roll in the 20th century. This style helps to remodel the fashion and the culture. It is mostly followed and is more popular in the United States. This style infuses some of the rhythms into this country and other gospel structures.

Who Started Music

A new voice came into the picture i.e. Hip Hop, It was born in the Bronx, New York. Some of the artists put a lot of effort into making this genre more popular and helping to get more reach. Grandmaster Flash and Run D.M.C reframed the music into Hip Hop in 1970.

It was especially born out in the country-based African and American Communities. All the communities used this music style to express their mood in every function and other ceremonies. This music not only brings emotions but also helps to bring elements like Dance which is an ice-breaking one and other visual arts and other rap performances.

FAQs – Who Started Music

  • definitive answer to who started music?

No, there are a lot of observations in the world based on who started music. It is fully based on the rhythms and other melodies from the early human period.

  • musical instruments in ancient times?

Yes, Ancient Civilizations created a lot of various styles of musical instruments. Flutes and Aulos were used by Egyptians and Greeks. Mesopotamians used lyres and drums to play music.

  • How has modern technology impacted music?

In every advancement and upgrade, there is both advantage and disadvantage. Digital recording and other online streaming platforms emerged based on digital technology.

Conclusion: Who Started Music

The journey of music has been one of the streams that are continuously evolving and getting a lot of innovation. No one can tell the specific person who started music. But it spread widely all over the regions and crossed every boundary and made the people dance to its melodies and powerful rhythms.

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